Fall from Space

Hardware supported
Gameboy Color
Year of release (est)
Play the demo

Awake, arise or be for ever fall’n.

Waking with no memory on a strange planet.
Your journey for answers and choices made
will shape the course of history.

Fall from Space is a non-linear open world ARPG for the Gameboy, with an epic story spanning a solar system.

  • Jet off to the stars! Multiple worlds to explore inside your Gameboy, with side quests, unique encounters, secrets and upgrades
  • Combines Metroidvanian platforming action with an open world RPG
  • An original story to uncover with multiple endings, a karma system and choices that impact the world and it's inhabitants around you
  • Authentic Gameboy aesthetic, with graphics and art style built within the DMG palette constraints
  • Hours of gameplay, save at any time with multiple save slots, unlockables and Gameboy Printer support!
  • Designed and developed by a Solo Developer to run on the original Gameboy with enhanced effects and experience when run on a Gameboy Color, GBA/SP or Analogue Pocket
  • Original Soundtrack, scored by Beatscribe

Play or download the demo for free on Itch.io


Inspired by Paradise Lost and 90s CRPGs such as Fallout 2, Planescape Torment (PC) and Buck Rogers Countdown to Doomsday, it's an RPG with plenty of Gameboy platforming action, a player karma system, side quests,  multiple endings, a brand new soundtrack and large non-linear maps filled with secrets.

Download the demo now for a taster and to explore the full planet of Pandæmonium, follow for future updates and announcements (and I'd love any feedback), here and on my social media accounts www.twitter.com/joeljgames and http://instagram.com/joeljgames/. There's an email subscription list too, but this will reserved for major announcements and I'm not planning on using very often.

Note: This isn't a Gameboy style game, it's an original game built within the limitations of and designed to run on original hardware and the Analogue Pocket.

Download the Press Kit

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